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We provide a range of interactive talks covering 4 major periods of history. These talks have been designed by us based on our experience and curriculum demands. 

If you would like to discuss a bespoke talk,
package or any of the options below
please do get in touch with us!



Everyday Life in Roman Britain

We will investigate the Roman Empire and discover the impact they had on Britain during the 400 years they occupied our shores. We will investigate the reasons why they invaded and discover what the Romans did for us, including how they have impacted on your own locality.  


The Roman Soldier

 We will explore how and why the Romans invaded Britain with a focus on the soldiers that made it possible. We will look at the dress of a Roman legionary, the equipment and weapons which he carried. We will also consider his daily routine, his skills set and the wider battle tactics used by the Roman Army to secure Britain.  



Everyday Life in Medieval Britain

What was life like in medieval Britain? Explore the different social classes of the day, including the new Merchant Class. Find out what medieval people who lived in Kent did for fun, what did they eat, how did they cook and travel?


The Medieval Knight

Audiences will be amazed by our impressive collection of medieval weapons and armour.  We will look at the arming of a knight (help us dress him for battle), alongside discussing the range of weapons available to different classes at the time. Get interactive with our medieval fighting demonstration and handling collection.



WWI: Life on the Home Front

What about those left behind? This talk looks in more depth at the part women had to play in the war effort whether they were Munitionettes or VAD Nurses we will explore the changing role of women and look at how Zeppelin bombing raids affected morale at home. 

Dressing Tommy

In this talk we discuss and show the uniform, equipment and weapons of ‘Tommy’ the British soldier. See the clothing he wore, the equipment he had to carry and the weapons he used. From bayonets to bandages, bullets to buttons we have it all. 

Soldier's Rations

Napoleon said “An army marches on its stomach” and the British Army of WW1 was no exception. In this detailed talk we discuss and show what was on the menu (or not) for your average Tommy and learn how he cooked in the trenches and behind the lines.​



The Blitz & The Home Guard

Explore what life was like in Britain's towns and cities during an air raid. Explore the real Dad's Army and learn the job of an Air Raid Warden. Consider how safe we were from bombs and did we really have to ‘put that light out?’ 
Handle replica items and examine genuine artefacts with this talk which aims to immerse you in a Blitz Raid experience.


Rationing & Evacuation 

Draw comparisons with the past as we explore what life was like for children during WWII. Was every child evacuated during the Blitz? Were sweets and clothes really rationed? Did women really make tanks and who were the Land Army? 
All your questions about Life on the Home Front in WWII will be investigated and answered in this eye opening session!


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